INSTANT, a tech enabled, premium trucking company, is a synonym for TRUST. Instant, as name suggests, is always spot-on and on the go !! It is a company known for high service standards. INSTANT is an obvious choice, when it comes to selecting a service partner for express, safe, reliable and time-bound cargo.

INSTANT is known for delivering on customers' promises. The company aspire to delight it's customers by giving them, a unique trucking experience, each time, they entrust the responsibility of their cargo and goods on us.

INSTANT is not just a name but a FLAME igniting towards the modernization of Trucking Industry. The company is a bunch of Youth and Experienced professionals trying to build a Trucking Ecosystem for times to come.

INSTANT Transport has introduced new concepts and products for meeting ever-evolving challenges, dynamic demands, and surpassing the client expectations. With the economy opening up, and foreign companies eager to foray in Indian market, INSTANT is all geared up to leverage this opportunity.

INSTANT Truck Drivers are the back bone of such an highly appreciated service standards. Our Drivers are a force to reckon, We salute them for their exemplary zeal to perform and making us an INSATNT.

  • unparalleled speed

    INSTANT TATs are far ahead of Train, and are next to Air, reduces transit times by 40%-60%. In our E-Commerce and Prime Time services, we travel on an average 1000 km per day which is 3 times of the country's average running. High Inventory Cost, Holding Cost, Long Transit Times are now a problem of the past.

  • Utmost Safety

    Safety is a responsibility we carry with utmost regard. INSTANT Vehicles are equipped with latest AI enabled driver drowsiness systems, along with 6 layers security features – GPS, Centre locking, Hidden Bolt, Safety Alarm, Abloy Locking System and Vision Sensors. Our drivers are experienced and well-trained.

  • Committed Services

    We deliver on your promises. INSTANT has a service persistency level above 93%. It offers real time track and trace services for customers. INSTANT has trusted and reliable drivers and experienced supply chain professionals who are on the go 24X7. Our high customer retention levels depicts our committed approach.



Instant Transport Solution Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified, is a company founded in 2004 by Rajbir Singh Chaudhary, who has over 28 years of rich experience in Courier, Cargo, Logistics and supply chain Industry. The Company had a humble beginning from a small venture with 2 trucks. The hard work, determination and endeavors of the founding fathers came to fruition enabling INSTANT to become the most trusted names in the express transportation segment and further transform into a leading express transport solutions provider company in India having a fleet of 500+ containerized trucks.

We endeavor to serve our customers with unparalleled speed, safety and service, which is also the soul of our company.


Vision, Mission & Values

Vision - The most successful and trusted Express Transport Solutions Provider, which provides the best, time bound, cost effective solutions to the clients. To be known as simple yet dynamic organization in peoples’ mind, which understands & suits to their requirements better.

"In short" We want to become 'Best Express Transport Solution Provider' organization.

Mission - To become technically advanced $1 billion Premium Transport & Logistics Company by 2030. To give back to all stakeholders in transport eco system.

Values - Integrity I Innovation I People Friendly I Believe I Simplicity I Truthfulness and Openness I Fun @ workplace


Services we offer

If your company relies on transportation for business, our Fleet Management Solution could potentially help unlock your success. We help mitigate the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs, while providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and much more.

  • Fleet management

    INSTANT has over 500+ containerized vehicles in all sizes starting from 8 feet vehicle to 40 feet vehicle. INSTANT has certified set of drivers and supervisors. INSTANT has its own maintenance facility which can cater to 30-40 vehicles in one go.

  • E-Commerce Services

    E-commerce is a rapid growing business, where on time deliveries play a vital role to its growth. At INSTANT, we take utmost care of this rapid growing segment by providing express and super express short haul, long haul and delivery services.

  • Prime Time Services

    TIME being a precious and limited commodity, we at INSTANT, values it most. We offer time bound prime transportation services to all major courier and cargo logistics companies where the end delivery is most critical. We are on time every time.

  • Logistics Management

    Providing End to End logistics solutions to our customers has been the endeavor of INSTANT. First Mile till Last Mile delivery, we manage all including, long haul transportation, warehousing, intercity deliveries and work force management.

  • 3PL Services

    Adding value to the businesses is the most important aspect for any organization to flourish. INSTANT as a 3PL service provider keeps adding value to its customers by providing direct and indirect value added services.

  • Consultancy

    Practice makes a Man Perfect. The same applies to Businesses as well. With our vast experience of this business, we now share the same knowledge to growing businesses by giving insights on Operations, Man-Power and Fleet Management.

  • Delivery-B2B, B2C

    It’s been almost a decade since INSTANT has been handling this segment successfully. Delivery needs a unique business acumen and approach. We have mastered this segment and have never ending list of satisfied customers.

  • Rent @Container

    A Unique investment concept by design, where without the hassles of owning and running an asset, still one could successfully become an entrepreneur and earn a handsome remuneration by associating with INSTANT.




Recent Highlights

Frequent updates on the star performance, deliveries and activities. Click on the Images to Know More.


Drivers' Training


Driver's Training

At Instant transport, the truck drivers have a two-fold role to play. While they are our key execution partners, they are also the prime connect at the delivery end of the supply chain. Drivers training is our endeavour to clearly set the execution expectations and bridge any gaps in understanding of the same. Through training we also help the drivers to develop a sense of our core values that should not be compromised especially while making a delivery. In addition, we believe in the safety and upliftment of our drivers and address these issues frequently via trainings.


Eye Check-up Camp


Eye Check-up Camp

Clear vision is the key to safe driving among others. Holding regular eye-check ups is a part of the fitness routine for truck driving at Instant transport. We conduct eye check-up camps at regular intervals and mandate that every driver participates so that we stay updated with the visibility status of our drivers.


International Driver's Day


International Driver's Day

At Instant, we are deeply grateful to our drivers for they are the ones responsibly catering to the timely delivery thus ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. We dedicate one whole day once a year to celebrations towards expressing our love and faith in our drivers and also for rewarding them for their continous yearly efforts. Thus, it is a custom that is religiously observed on International Driver’s Day and marks the joy of having a one large Instant family.


Operations' Meet


Operations' Meet

Efficient operations in any field has indirect and direct monetary impacts. Likewise, Instant leaves no stone unturned in enabling its team for better operations management. Operations meet is one such endeavour where managers from different locations come together to share their experiences and challenges while discussing solutions to possible barriers and collaborating to improve the work efficiency. This leads to productive utilisation of fleets and manpower, reduced idle times of trucks, proper fleet maintenance and reduced transit times, thus having reduced overhead costs.

The Team

The company came in existence more than a decade with the team backed by having more than three decades of experience and expertise in Supply Chain Management, Fleet Management, Distribution, Warehousing, Operations and Consultancy. Click here to know more about our Team

  • Rajbir Singh

    CMD & Founder
  • Jasveer Singh

  • Dr. Mamta Singh

    Head - HR
  • UN Sarkar

    Chief Strategist

  • Bhagat Singh

    Head, CRM
  • Shaili Chaudhary

    Courier & Cargo
  • Ajay Chaudhary

    Hub Incharge
  • Zakir Khan

    Head- Drivers

Driver's Duniya

Anecdotes from the lives of our drivers, their successes, their journeys, their lives.


Safety initiative saved my life on road

Story Of Driver Rashid 3rd Mar 2018

Driving on the Delhi Chennai route late into the night, I felt drowsy and sleepy. ADAS safety device installed by INSTANT raised an alarm and I woke up back from sleep just in time to avoid the crucial collision ahead.


Supportive and inclusive working environment

Story of Driver Naresh 5th Mar 2018

Having worked with INSTANT for 5 years now, I feel that the working environment is supportive and INSTANT addresses the needs in time. I have received the financial help at more than one occasions, which has helped my family.


GPS allows transparent dialogue

Story of Driver Jormal 7th Mar 2018

INSTANT is taking all the necessary steps towards minimizing the load on us -The Drivers. Thus instead of making calls to drivers unnecessarily disturbing their driving rhythm, we have GPS. We feel safer as they are better updated.


Happy Clients




FLeet Size


Million KM/Year

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What people say about INSTANT

ITS is extremely strong in Operations and Business Management. Their support structure, which is their second and third tier team, is very robust. Their business ethics and ideals match ours and we intend to remain their partner for a long time to come.

Anil Sayal

CEO- Flywheel Logistics Solutions P Ltd

To Vulcan, ITS has provided services of Virtual Hubs across several places in India and the results from these services were exceptional. This was a perfect example of going out of the way and working along with its clients to support them in reaching their operational requirements.

Ashutosh Mishra

Vulcan Express

INSTANT services are synonymous to their name. But what’s most critical to me for coupling with a partner is “Business Ethics” and Jasveer is an epitome of it. They exercise business ethics with both customers and drivers and that’s what ensures - Peace of Mind.

Ankur Mudgal

CEO - First Choice Logistics

We are over whelmed on the initiatives which you undertake on driver safety training/ employee training. You have kept up to the Expectation we had on your levels on Transit time/Response time on Emergency situations and time to time improvement on IT solutions too

M. Kartik Nadar

Consultant - Logistics Industry

As per our top management evaluation, we found INSTANT operation is very supportive. INSTANT is about: Quick action towards problem, Bad News First and Safe Operation. Overall Good. Please keep continue the good operation with continues improvement.

Ajeet Singh


We appreciate the excellent services and commendable performance by INSTANT TEAM and hope to see the same spirit in future also

Bikas Das

CEO , Indelog

I really appreciate to your entire team about the excellent customer service and the care and thought you put into selecting these great stones.

H.P Choudhary


ITS is the ideal business partner for TVS. ITS stands differentiated for their capabilities in express cargo long haul movement while also managing stringent transit times. ITS is amongst our topmost, bankable business partners.

R Shankar

CEO India –TVS Logistics

Contact with us

Postal Address:

ITS House, 7/2/2 Bijwasan Road,Kapashera, Near BPCL Petrol Pump

New Delhi 110037


Landline: (91)011-25062158

Mobile: (91)9810505417



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